The recent rise in demand for globally traded commodity crops (palm oil, soy and corn) has sparked new investments in land for large-scale monoculture. How do these big land-based investments affect small farmers?

As a result of the current conflict in South Sudan, the gains in food security realized over the last several years of peace are being reversed and an estimated 7 million people are in need of assistance.

Oxfam America's Coco McCabe met with women in Guatemala who are striving to break free of gender-based violence.

In the current discussions around this week’s first High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation, transparency, accountability, and inclusion are not being sufficiently integrated.

Some people argue that the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) concept is not easily understood or defined. In fact, it is very simple. At its core UHC is about ensuring the right to health. It means that all people - whether rich or poor – are able to access good quality health services without...

In Latin America, the rich rule. 113 Latin-Americans appear on the world’s billionaires list, while 164 million men and women in the region live in poverty (66 million of them in extreme poverty).


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