Nell Pancipanci. Photo: Ellie Farmer

Read Neil Pancipanci's account and check out recent photos of the impact of Hugapit in Tacloban.  Neil Pancipanci is an Oxfam livelihoods officer based in Tacloban City. Neal recounts: “When Hagupit came, the electricity was shut down, it was dark, and we couldn’t see anything as the...

Women's March in Bolivia - Photo: Philippe Boily, Oxfam Quebec

From Nigeria to Canada to the UK gender-based violence
knows no borders
Blog by
:  Chioma Akuabia Ukwuagu Programme Officer, Female Leadership/Gender Justice and Good Governance, Genevieve Gauthier Gender Justice Programme Officer, Jemma Stringer Gender Justice...

Ebola Quarantine Distribution

Life on the other side of the line
The challenges of Ebola quarantines in Freetown and how Oxfam is helping
Blog by Melanie Gallant
Melanie is Oxfam Canada’s Media Relations Officer. She is currently on...

On International Volunteer Day a Google search reveals truth about volunteers. When you Google  “volunteers” you automatically get another word added to your text: needed.

Oxfam's G20 Big Heads in action in Brisbane.

Steve Price-Thomas:  Oxfam's verdict on the G20 Summit in Brisbane

Agnes is one of a 100 strong team of Community Health Volunteers who are the first line of defence in the battle against Ebola. (Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam)


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