Communities are coming together to feed people and fight climate change this week in celebration of ...


As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to claim lives and now ranks as the largest in history, here are answers to some of the questions you might have about the...

Family farms provide up to 80 per cent of the food supply in Asia and sub-Saharan African. Supporting these small-scale producers to reach their full potential is one of the simplest strategies that could transform our global food system.

Rural women are these...

Oxfam is holding a “Pailwalker” event next Saturday (October 18) in Vancouver to walk in solidarity with women in developing countries, whose water struggles are increasing everyday due to climate change.

Could you make it as a farmer with a family to feed? We need you to find out and tell your friends about the need to feed people and fight climate change

In El Salvador those who grow over 80% of the food consumed in the country are those most likely to suffer from hunger. It's time to change this.


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