Ebola Quarantine Distribution

Life on the other side of the line
The challenges of Ebola quarantines in Freetown and how Oxfam is helping
Blog by Melanie Gallant
Melanie is Oxfam Canada’s Media Relations Officer. She is currently on...

On International Volunteer Day a Google search reveals truth about volunteers. When you Google  “volunteers” you automatically get another word added to your text: needed.

Oxfam's G20 Big Heads in action in Brisbane.

Steve Price-Thomas:  Oxfam's verdict on the G20 Summit in Brisbane

Agnes is one of a 100 strong team of Community Health Volunteers who are the first line of defence in the battle against Ebola. (Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam)

We knew that you can wash your hands but we never knew the specific way that you should wash your hands, the specific areas that you had to pay attention when washing your hands. 

The health and sanitation programme of Oxfam in Liberia is part of wider measures that could curb the spread of the Ebola virus. We need all measures to combat the disease now, more than ever – because the stakes are too high.


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