Stella, South Sudan

Stella Gitano is a writer, teacher and a poet based in Juba, South Sudan. She moved back to South Sudan after independence, filled with patriotic spirit, to participate in building the nation. Stella says: Writers have a huge responsibility in nation-building as they reflect what is happening in...

Carmen, Bolivia

Rosario and her community frequently talk about climate change, how it is affecting them and what can be done. Extreme and uncontrolled floods have hit the area with devastating results. Rosario says:  "We, as people who live in the forest, see the main issue is deforestation –  this is...

Ipaishe, Zimbabwe

Ipaishe is part of an irrigation project, trying to adapt and continue to grow crops despite the decreasing rainfall. They use their experience to campaign for climate change adaptation. Ipaishe says: "Over the last 10 years the climate has changed. If the rains are too little, it affects our...

Langgin, Philippines

Langgin attended school, until unexpected extremes in weather meant her family’s harvest failed,  and her parents didn’t make enough money for her to continue her studies. Despite this setback, she is using her energy to support her community in the fight against climate change. Langgin says:...

Ann with hygiene promotion team

Ann Witteveen, Oxfam Canada’s Humanitarian Manager, was in Gambella to monitor Oxfam’s humanitarian response for two weeks in mid-January 2015. Read Ann's blog on South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia.

Hygiene Promotion In Schools, Democratic Republic of Congo.  Photo: Eleanor Farmer

Oxfam knows from experience that humanitarian crises affect people differently depending on their gender. Read Ann Witteveen's blog on how the Ebola crisis impacts men and women differently.


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