Could you make it as a farmer with a family to feed? We need you to find out and tell your friends about the need to feed people and fight climate change

In El Salvador those who grow over 80% of the food consumed in the country are those most likely to suffer from hunger. It's time to change this.

Winnie Byanyima and other supporers at People's Climate March in New York

675,000 people around the world came together for the biggest ever mobilisation on climate.

Oxfam Public Health Promoter, Meriam Asibal meets with government community health teams in Liberia. Oxfam has provided these teams with disinfection kits for holding centers and burial teams. Photo: Oxfam

As the Ebola outbreak continues to worsen, Oxfam has joined forces with West African health authorities to combat the spread of the deadly disease.

Climate Change

In the five years since global leaders met in Copenhagen to discuss climate change, a lot has changed, and too much has stayed the same. Climate change is no longer just coming. It’s here already. In the past five years, more than 650 million people have been affected and more than 112,000 lives...

Behind the Brands

Next week Oxfam meets with the leaders of the top ten food and beverage companies, just 24 hours after the UN's Climate Summit in New York. It's a key moment. Climate change is the single biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger, and food companies haven’t been doing enough to tackle...


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