When customers speak, businesses listen. It’s an old adage in business that Oxfam and its supporters tested to see if this would be true on issues of sustainability and human rights.

In the last twelve months Oxfam's Behind the Brands Campaign and hundreds of thousands of people around the world have joined together to shake-up the way the food and beverage industry impact people and planet.

Women are already very marginalized in the South Sudanese society. Violence against women is not uncommon, and is above all seen as a very private matter. I can only imagine how exposed especially single mothers, and young girls are to harassment and sexual violence, but we know little, too...

Aid alone cannot bring an end to the Syria crisis. Talking to refugees in Jordan with whom Oxfam is working, there is shared sense of desperation that a political solution must be found.

I've seen so many countries, ravaged by conflict, and every time it strikes me how it is always the most vulnerable, the children, the women and the elderly who are hardest hit by war and terror. I'm deeply concerned about the faith of the women and young girls within this UN compound, and even...

Amidst the violence of the past seven weeks in South Sudan, there are some signs of hope. The violence enacted along ethnic lines that is keeping so many thousands in makeshift settlements and camps is not universal.


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