You may not have seen much information about Somalia recently. Other emergencies command more media attention, and too often Somalia - following twenty years of civil war and recurrent drought - is written off as a problem that just rumbles on in the background. But it’s worth revisiting what is...

Peru’s tax administration uncovered a sum equivalent to US$ 105 million in unpaid tax - almost enough to fund the whole maternal neonatal public programme.

Current dysfunctional international tax rules are allowing scores of multinational companies to pay minimal tax bills in the countries where economic production takes place, compared to the profits they are earning and often hiding offshore.

When typhoon Haiyan hit the central Philippines last November, killing more than 6,000 people and destroying millions of people’s houses and livelihoods, people like fisherman Lionel Advincula, from Barangay Bislig in Tanauan municipality, Leyte province, found themselves having to make some...

The recent rise in demand for globally traded commodity crops (palm oil, soy and corn) has sparked new investments in land for large-scale monoculture. How do these big land-based investments affect small farmers?

As a result of the current conflict in South Sudan, the gains in food security realized over the last several years of peace are being reversed and an estimated 7 million people are in need of assistance.

Breaking Free of Gender Violence

Oxfam America's Coco McCabe met with women in Guatemala who are striving to break free of gender-based violence.


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