Six year olds In Gaza live through a third war. Photo: Oxfam

Salama Shamali is just six years old, yet he has already lived through three wars.

Mobile health clinic in Gaza supported by Oxfam and run by the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

We tell our children that schools are places where they can make their hopes and dreams come true. But today in Gaza, schools have become places of desperation - a last resort for sheltering families who have nowhere else to go.

Oxfam at the University of Calgary has proven their ability to make a large impact, despite being one of the newest additions to the Oxfamily.

Over the past school year, Oxfam Canada clubs on university and college campuses across Canada have once again been busy raising awareness and taking action on gender justice, poverty and humanitarian issues.

Olives harvested in Gaza

After nearly a month of bombardment, Gaza's food supplies are running low and an entire year's harvest is at risk.

Children play soccer on the land of the Taquara, a group of indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Nestle's new commitment could help protect the land rights of indigenous people around the world. Photo: Tatiana Cardeal/Oxfam

When one of the world’s largest food company commits to protecting land rights of small-scale farmers, it’s a big deal. Earlier this month, Nestlé committed to do just that.

Cocoa farmer in Nigeria. Photo: Oxfam America

In the past year, Behind the Brands supporters like you have persuaded both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to do the same – and with this latest news, our movement is picking up even more steam.


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