Ann Witteveen (second from left) in South Sudan with Oxfam Public Health Officer, Elizabeth (far left) and family who is living in the Minkamman refugee camp.

Recently, Oxfam Canada sat down with Ann Witteveen, or Humanitarian Manager, before she headed off to Islamabad to monitor a water and sanitation project at the Jalozai refugee camp. Ann has spent over 15 years managing humanitarian responses.

South Sudan, one of the most challenging places to be a humanitarian

On World Humanitarian Day Pieter Struijf, Oxfam’s Program Manager for Jonglei, writes about the challenges of delivering aid in rural South Sudan and the crucial role played by the local staff.

Behind the Brands

Kellogg has announced it is stepping up to address climate change in a very big way. It has committed to reduce harmful emissions across both its supply chain and operations, and help smallholder farmers adapt and push for real advocacy across the private sector and government.

Six year olds In Gaza live through a third war. Photo: Oxfam

Salama Shamali is just six years old, yet he has already lived through three wars.

Mobile health clinic in Gaza supported by Oxfam and run by the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

We tell our children that schools are places where they can make their hopes and dreams come true. But today in Gaza, schools have become places of desperation - a last resort for sheltering families who have nowhere else to go.

Oxfam at the University of Calgary has proven their ability to make a large impact, despite being one of the newest additions to the Oxfamily.

Over the past school year, Oxfam Canada clubs on university and college campuses across Canada have once again been busy raising awareness and taking action on gender justice, poverty and humanitarian issues.


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