Even It Up!

The gap between the rich and poor is spiraling out of control. Just 85 individuals have the same wealth as half the people on our planet. Extreme inequality it is not inevitable. Together we can Even It Up!
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Happier Holidays! Give a life-changing gift

From safe water to beehives, Oxfam Unwrapped let's you give a gift that helps people living in poverty gain greater self-sufficiency, provide for their families and build communities.
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Six Days a Week x 20 Homes a Day

Agnes is one of a 100 strong team of Community Health Volunteers who are the first line of defence in the battle against Ebola.

SharePlan: Give Monthly

SharePlan is Oxfam Canada's pre-authorized giving program. It is a simple way to make regular contributions in support of Oxfam's work to help people build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.


Oxfam Canada welcomes the Government of Canada's announced contribution of $300 million to the Green Climate Fund. These funds are essential to help people who are poor and marginalized adapt to the havoc wreacked by    ... more
Oxfam joins an alliance of 100 organizations from across Canada calling for a federal election debate focused on women in 2015. Up for Debate is asking all federal parties to tell Canadians how they intend to tackle    ... more
The gap between the rich and poor is spiralling out of control. It's time to end extreme inequality    ... more


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Women on construction site
Oxfam presents new evidence that the gap between rich and poor is growing ever wider and is undermining poverty eradication. "Even it Up: Time to End Extreme Inequality" delves into the causes of the inequality crisis and looks at the concrete solutions that can    ... more
In South Sudan, over 7 million people are at risk of food insecurity and over 4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Please help us provide urgently needed food, water and sanitation now and prevent this crisis turning into a catastrophe.    ... more
Working for the Many
Public services like health and education are one of the strongest weapons in the fight against inequality.    ... more