"I love my people and I do not want them to die"

Alima is an Oxfam community health worker in Freetown, Sierra Leone, because 'I love my people and I do not want them to die.' Oxfam is providing handwashing stands in the area and have also trained Community Health Worker teams who teach the community about the signs and symptoms of Ebola, about how to prevent it and what to do if a family member becomes infected.

Julia - On the Road to Justice

Despite passage of laws that recognize women’s rights, barriers to gender equality in Tanzania remain. After being severely beaten by her husband, Julia asked the Morogoro Paralegal Centre (MPLC), an Oxfam partner, for help.

Gap between rich and poor widening

In the past year everyone from Barack Obama to Pope Francis, IMF chief Christine Lagarde to UN head Ban Ki-Moon have highlighted the dangers caused by extreme inequality and how it holds back billions of people from reaching their full potential and getting out of poverty.

Ending Hunger, One Step at a Time

Changing seasons and extreme weather are leading to droughts, flash floods and landslides. Put simply, climate change is making people hungry.


In a battle against the clock, with less than two months left in the window to curb the spread of the virus ravaging Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, there is still a crippling shortfall in military staff to provide    ... more
Oxfam Canada applauds Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s pledge of up to $10 million to provide services and treatment for Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have been victims of sexual abuse.    ... more
The international response to Syria is failing on three fronts – insufficient aid, meagre resettlement offers and continued arms transfers – Oxfam warns in its new report.    ... more


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Millions of refugees have now fled violence in Syria and are in desperate need of shelter, food and water. Over half of them are children.    ... more
In South Sudan, over 7 million people are at risk of food insecurity and over 4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Please help us provide urgently needed food, water and sanitation now and prevent this crisis turning into a catastrophe.    ... more
The health and sanitation programme of Oxfam in Liberia is part of wider measures that could curb the spread of the Ebola virus. We need all measures to combat the disease now, more than ever – because the stakes are too high.    ... more